Sardami Shkomandi E77

KurdSat HD TV – Sardami Shkomandi E77  Dramai Nwey Doblazhy Polandi bo kurdi sorani Kanali KurdSat HD TV 2015.
Bas la Jangi Jihani dw akat la salani 1939-1944.
Czas honoru (English: Days of Honour) was a Polish World War II television drama series.

Set in German-occupied Poland 1939-1944 (series I, II, III and IV) and in post-war Poland 1945-1946 (series V and VI), the series tells a story of Union of Armed Struggle/Armia Krajowa/Armed Forces Delegation for Poland soldiers commonly referred to as cichociemni.
Country: Poland
language: Polish
seasons: 7
episodes: 90
network: TVP2
release: September 7, 2008 – November 23, 2014

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